What Are You Wearing?: Dillon Opticians, Toronto, Ontario


Audrey Dillon

Optician/Business Owner

Audrey has been in the optical industry for 48 years. “I was on my way to a career in nursing when I worked in an optical store. I had wonderful mentors who convinced me to become an optician instead. I did and I have never looked back,” she said.

She owns multiple pairs of glasses, but always has a minimum of two pair of clear and two dress sunglasses in her current Rx.

FRAMES / Face a Face Bocca Senso 1 col 2057 56/17

LENSES / Zeiss I Scription Individual 2 progressive lenses.

“I chose these frames because I think they are flattering to my face. They have a lift to them, which I think any woman my age can benefit from, and because…they FIT! I have a very large head (68 PD) and it is difficult to find frames that are wide enough and have a feminine aspect to them.”

Amy Zhang


Amy has worked in the optical industry as an optometrist for three and a half years. “I just got my first prescription and so I got my first pair of glasses, but I love them, and I do intend to get more.”

FRAMES / Prada 62UV in the color YEE-1O1

LENSES / Zeiss freeform with Duravision Platinum coating.

“I chose these frames because they are very fashion forward, as yellow gold is coming back in style. I really enjoy the onyx black accent color on the frames because it complements my hair.”

Mirela Tsvetkova


Mirela is very new to the optical industry and has been at Dillon Opticians for a few months.

She has around 14 pairs of eyewear. “I have no prescription, but I love the way glasses look on my face.”

FRAMES / metal limited-edition Tom Davies 84455

LENSES / Plano Zeiss lenses with an anti-glare and scratch resistant coating.

“I chose these frames because I knew I wanted a frame with an interesting shape and these frames are just that. I love the way they look on my face and I think they frame my eyes perfectly. I was not expecting to like the frame when I first saw it but once I put them on, I knew that it was the perfect frame for me.”

What Are YOU Wearing?