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Face a Face

Founded by Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth in 1995, French eyewear brand Face a Face focuses on creating modern and creative frames. Now part of Design Eyewear Group, Face a Face is part of a broad selection of international brands.

GIPSE is French for Gypsum, an elegantly structured crystal, which has inspired the sharp lines and graphical shape of this audacious design. The designers have interpreted the shapes of the crystal, adding transparent details to make it sparkle. Finally, the sculpted temples create a sharp graphical line from the front onto the temples.


Spectacles of Great Neck 

Great Neck, New York 
Philip Meltzer, OD, Owner 

“Face a Face speaks to the consumer who wants a pair of glasses that is a little funky but not over the top.”

What are you selling?
We brought in Face a Face in the middle of 2015 because we felt that we needed a line for women who wanted more color and a daring style in their frames. Every style sells well, the line really does have something for everyone. There’s frames for both big and small faces, bright colors and basic colors, all done in gorgeous shapes and high quality materials. The line is all presented on the board together, and the pop of color really draws the customers in. As we present the frame to the customer, we tell them about all of the little details that makes Face a Face great, starting with the fact that it’s handmade in France, showing off the high quality materials and spring hinges on the frame, and of course, the impeccable design, down to little heeled shoes at the ends of the temples.

Who’s buying it?
Face a Face speaks to the consumer who wants a pair of glasses that is a little funky but not over the top. The person who wants their glasses to have a “wow factor” but are still wearable every day without getting tired of the look.

Why do they like it?
The collection speaks for itself and we’ve found that once a customer owns one, they’re likely to be a repeat buyer in the brand. The frames are lightweight, comfortable and incredibly stylish.

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