Women In Optometry: Guiding Girl Scouts to Learn More About Eyes and Optometry


Girl Scouts teaches girls so much: leadership, team-building, entrepreneurship and more. Between us, we have several decades of experience with the Girl Scout program and have benefitted from what it offered us as girls and adults. But we realized that we could leverage this program that we love to help young people learn more about the profession we’re in. What better way to teach young people about optometry and the importance of eye health than to let them see it in person? With this in mind, we have teamed up to create a new way to introduce girls to optometry. In cooperation with Girl Scouts of New Jersey, we’ve created the Vision Awareness Program, which lets scouts earn a fun patch by visiting an optometry practice and taking part in other activities, such as learning how vision problems can affect school activities. Find out more about this initiative in this feature from Women In Optometry. Read More