Screen Time for Kids—How Much Is Too Much?


Growing up in the ‘60s, I watched a LOT of television with friends and family. We were riveted by shows like “That Girl,” “Rat Patrol” and “Dark Shadows” and we spent countless hours in front of the TV. My Mom used to refer to it as the “Boob Tube” and she was constantly yelling at us to “go outside and play.” Well, as usual, it seems like my Mom was on to something. Today’s electronic babysitter of choice is the iPhone and iPad. But the audience has changed—it’s not just teens and tweens glued to the screens but toddlers and babies. New guidelines recently issued by the World Health Organization recommend children under five years old must spend less time sitting watching screens and for infants less than one year, no sedentary screen time on electronic devices. How are these devices affecting children’s vision and overall development? VM reached out to three experts to get their take on this very complicated subject. Read More.