Vision Expo East 2019 Event Slideshow

NEW YORK—With Expo still fresh on everyone’s minds, Vision Monday presents a slideshow to recap some of the sights and excitement that helped make up Vision Expo East. From new booths on the show floor to special product launches and company-sponsored events, it was a busy few days for everyone at Vision Expo East 2019. And if you missed the Expo Party slideshow from VM, click here to catch up on all the nighttime festivities.

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Safilo Celebrates kate spade new york

Claudia Kozma Kaplan (c) of kate spade new york poses with their signature feminine-styled models in the Safilo booth to celebrate the re-signing of the kate spade new york license.

Altair Welcomes Attendees

Jennifer Doell was ready for attendees on Day 2 of Vision Expo East.

A Family Affair at ESE

It’s a family affair at the ESE booth with Jason (l) and father Paul Shyer.

The McGee Group

(L to R) Weston and Wayne McGee stand with Jobson’s Marge Axelrad (c), Matthew McGee and James DeMatteis, Jobson in the McGee Group booth.

Santinelli International

Gerard Santinelli was all smiles as he welcomed crowds of attendees to the Santinelli booth.

Zeiss’ Measurement Technology

At the Zeiss booth, attendees were able to check out the company’s measurement technology.

Zeiss’ Measurement Technology

At its booth in the Science Pavillion and also in the high visibility Crystal Pavillion at Javits, Carl Zeiss Vision educated ECPs and show attendees about the importance of UV protection for patients and showcased new digital communications and tools.

L’Amy Promotes Champion Giveaway

Daniel Shack (l) and Stephen Rappaport are feeling good during a Champion sweatshirt giveaway at the L’Amy booth.

Manning the Marchon Booth

Thomas Burkhardt (l) and Nicola Zotta welcome attendees during a crowded day on the Show Floor.

A Trivia Challenge at the HEA Booth

(L to R) Erin Hern, John Martin, Laura Dorris and Jacqueline Thomas get offered a Trivia challenge in the HEA booth.

Blackfin and Villa Eyewear Partnership

Marking their long term partnership in the U.S., Blackfin and the team at Villa Eyewear: From left: Blackfin's Simone Favero, Villa Eyewear's Ilario Sfoggia, Blackfin's CEO Nicola Del Din and Villa Eyewear's Lorenzo Sfoggia.

Boutique Panel

(L to R) The Boutique Buyer panel included Selima's Selima Salaun, Modo's Rebecca Giefer, Black Optical's Gary Black, STATE/Europa Eyewear's Nico Roseillier, Gogosha Optique's Julia Gogosha, la eyeworks' Gai Gherardi, Elegant Eyes' Utenzi Miller, Randolph Eyewear's Peter M. Waszkiewicz and 20/20 Editor-in-Chief, James Spina.

OPTImum Retailer Award Winner

20/20 Magazine’s James Spina (r) presents Edward Beiner with the 2019 OPTImum Retailer Award following the Boutique Buyer Panel.

Vision Choice Award Winners

(L to R) Carla Paladini, Peter and Melissa Montana accepted first prize at the Vision Choice Award ceremony for their Miraflex eyewear collection.

Vision Choice Award Winners

(L to R) Ann-Marie Faniel, Faniel Eyewear, Reed’s Joannne Mohr and The Vision Council’s Mitch Barkley help celebrate Faniel Eyewear’s second place win.

Vision Choice Award Winners

Helene Goldschmidt accepts the third place award for Lunette USA.

NFOS/Hoya College Bowl

(L to R) Enjoying the pre-game reception before the NFOS/Hoya College Bowl at OptiCon@VisionExpo are Hoya Vision Care’s Ron Barnes, Cheri Guy, Ashley Brennan and Dr. Greg Hicks.

NFOS/Hoya College Bowl

Roy Ferguson of the Learning Curve and Bob Alexander of Hoya Vision Care at the pre-game reception before the NFOS/Hoya College Bowl at OptiCon@VisionExpo.

NFOS/Hoya College Bowl

NFOS president Bob Russo was the host and quizmaster for the NFOS/Hoya College Bowl at OptiCon@VisionExpo.

NFOS/Hoya College Bowl

Eight students from various schools competed for first prize in the NFOS/Hoya College Bowl at OptiCon@VisionExpo.

Best Booth Award Winners

(L) Article One won for Most Creative Booth Design and (r) Essilor of America won for Best Brand Activation.

WestGroupe Barber Shop at Their Booth

WestGroupe created a novel way for showgoers to get some down time—a hot shave and, if they wanted, a haircut from Barber Bonzy. The iconic barbership pole marked the site.

WestGroupe Barber Shop at Their Booth

A lucky showgoer got the treatment from the barber at WestGroupe’s stand.

WestGroupe Barber Shop at Their Booth

Barber Bozny posted his Vision Expo East appearance on his own Instagram page.