Product: Webinar: Proving Overnight Ortho-K Outcomes with REMLens
Top Line: X-Cel Specialty Contacts and ABB Optical Group will be hosting a webinar titled, “Proving Overnight Ortho-K Outcomes with REMLens.” The webinar is recommended for anyone interested in improving their overnight ortho-k outcomes for myopia management.
Close Up: Join X-Cel Specialty Contacts and ABB Optical Group for a joint webinar, Wednesday, September 29, 8:30 PM EDT, “Improving Overnight Orthokeratology Outcomes with REMLens”. This educational event will be moderated by Tony Caporali, NCLEC - Director of Product Management at X-Cel Specialty Contacts and DeDe Reyes, FCLSA - Manager, Consultation & Education Specialty Contact Lens for ABB Optical, featuring guest speaker Andrew Biondo, OD, FSLS, owner of Kirkwood Eye Associates in St. Louis, Mo., a specialty contact lens practice that focuses on scleral lenses for irregular cornea and dry eye. Kirkwood Eye also has a large myopia control practice that utilizes orthokeratology, atropine therapy and other specialty contact lenses.
Gain access to Dr. Andrew Biondo’s unique perspective on how REMLens can improve your overnight orthokeratology outcomes for myopia management. REMLens is the newest innovative lens design from X-Cel Specialty Contacts. The design was developed to improve success with Orthokeratology and myopia management by offering unique parameter options and zone manipulation. The diameter and optic zone options along with independent zone adjustments create the perfect design for fitting success over a wide range of patients.
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