Product: Online platform for connecting ECPs and Patients
Top Line: Rapid consumption of information is now a consumer requirement. Mobile phone usage has spiked, contactless engagement is preferred, and risk-averse shoppers are looking to reduce time in stores. Competitors have bypassed the in-practice experience by appealing directly to patients via websites and commercial advertising.
To address these issues, Hoya Vision Care and Ocular Innovations have teamed up to offer an online platform that provides frictionless connectivity between ECPs and their patients.
Close Up: The platform is designed for simplicity. There is no app, website, login, or passwords.
Key features:
• By using PUSHconnect, staff or the lobby materials direct patients to use their phone’s camera to link to a code unique to the eyecare practice. The code serves up educational content customized with the ECP’s brand via text.
• With Engage, patients can see the precautions the ECP’s practice takes to keep everyone safe in the most efficient way possible.
• Using the phone camera and a code, patients are offered a frictionless way to leave their reviews.

“Being the ally to the ECP means we need to go beyond offering best-in-class lens technology and laboratory services,” said Gregg Fowler, senior vice president for Hoya Vision Care, North America. “An important lesson we learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is the necessity for ECPs to stay connected with their patients. Our partnership with Ocular Innovations will bring an innovative solution to our customers that accomplishes this.
“In addition to staying connected, the Ocular Innovations platform will strengthen an ECP’s ability to educate their patients. And, an educated patient is a more loyal patient. In an increasingly challenging business environment, Hoya will strive to bring business building value added solutions to our ECP customers. The partnership with Ocular Innovations supports this mission.”
Michael Boerner, CEO of Ocular Innovations, added, “Hoya’s consistent focus on increasing value and staying at the forefront of innovations for their eyecare providers creates terrific alignment for deploying the simplified technology.”
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