Product: TruePD
Top Line: Virtual try-on company, Ditto, is launching TruePD, a precise, user-friendly online PD tool. TruePD can measure PD within +/- 1mm of accuracy for the large majority of customers, according to Ditto.
Ditto’s TruePD will work in two ways:
• On the web using a standard-sized card from your wallet
• On an Apple mobile device with a TrueDepth sensor (iPhoneX+, iPad Pro, etc.)
Close Up: TruePD provides eCommerce retailers with a fast, simple, and accurate way to obtain customer PD’s. The online tool:
• Removes a key blocker to online sales which will increase conversion rate
• Reduces returns from inaccurate PDs
• Improves the customer experience by removing the burden for a customer to manually measure their PD with a ruler or track it down from their optometrist.
Ditto is seamlessly integrating TruePD with its existing product offering so that customers who use the company’s virtual try-on don’t have to scan their face again. Ditto has created a web version that uses a standard-sized card as the reference object for scaling and an iOS version that leverages the TrueDepth sensor and doesn’t require the card. When coupled with other Ditto products, TruePD improves the accuracy and fit of virtual try-on and enables more relevant frame recommendations, according to Ditto.
The current version of TruePD will measure far PD. Near PD and DualPD measurements will be included in future versions.
Vital Stats: Join Ditto’s CEO and cofounder, Kate Doerksen, on May 27, 2021, 11 PT, for a live webinar. She’ll be joined by Ebube Anizor, Ditto’s VP, product, as they go deep on pupillary distance and explore the various solutions and implementation best practices. As a bonus, they will unveil Ditto’s new high definition rendering which improves realism on Ditto’s virtual try-on offering for all existing and new clients. Doerksen and Anizor will explain how this improvement will enhance the offering to improve the online experience and performance of an eyewear e-commerce site.
Attendees will learn about:
• The various aspects and types of PD
• The importance of PD and how it impacts conversations and return rates for online prescription glasses retailers
• The competitive landscape of online PD solutions
• How Ditto’s new TruePD works 
• How to implement Ditto’s new TruePD offering on your eCommerce sites
• Ditto’s new HD rendering and how it improves the Virtual Try-On experience
The webinar will include a live Q&A session. Registered attendees will receive a copy of the recorded webinar. Click here to sign up for the webinar.