Western Optical Supply’s Screw Gauge Solves ‘Goldilocks’ Dilemma

Product: The Goldilocks Screw Gauge #2059
Top Line: Determining the correct size replacement screw is a frustrating, time consuming task. Too big? Too small? Just right! It’s the “Goldilocks” dilemma. The first screw you try is too large, the next is too small. You want to find the right screw the first time. Western Optical Supply has exactly what you need to quickly determine a replacement screw size.
Close Up: The Goldilocks Screw Gauge is a precision milled stainless steel probe graduated in six “steps” of increasing diameter. Insert the gauge through the barrel’s bottom threaded leaf until it feels snug. Note which “step” is in the barrel. Compare that “step” to the sizing chart provided to determine the proper replacement screw diameter. The colors on the chart correspond with most major screw suppliers’ color code on the cap of the screw vial. If your color coding is different, there is a chart on the reverse that you can customize with your own color code.
Vital Stats: Goldilocks Screw Gauge #2059 is $19.00. Patents pending.
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