Product: Shootout Lens Marking Plier (#2042LM), custom die and lens stop
Top Line:
Western Optical Supply introduces a clever and elegant solution to clearly marking safety lenses with your company's personalized initials.
Close Up: The Shootout Lens Marking Plier easily allows you to position the embossing exactly where you want on the lens and only a gentle squeeze is needed to impress your initials. Comfortable to grip even for the smallest hands. The patented lever mechanism in combination with the arrangement of the die and the lens stop makes it possible to emboss lenses up to 14.0mm thick.
Vital Stats: The Shootout Lens Marking Plier (U.S. Patent #6,006,410) includes precision hand tool and custom die and lens stop. 8 5/8" long.
• #2042LM Shootout Lens Marking Plier $159.00 includes custom die and lens stop
• #2042D Shootout Lens Marking Custom Die $80.00
• #2042LS Shootout Lens Marking Lens Stop $15.00; (505) 455-1100