Ultra Optics Intros Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner

Product: Ultra Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner
Top Line: Ultra Optics, a leading supplier of back side lens coating solutions, is releasing Ultra Anti-Fog lens cleaner. Ultra Anti-Fog can be easily applied to the lens surface to clean and give an anti-fog property.
Close Up: The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many eyeglass wearers having to wear masks on a regular basis, which often causes their glasses to fog-up. Ultra Optics tasked its chemistry team with solving this problem. The team tested many of the available products and were not satisfied with their performance. “We focused our efforts and leveraged our many years of developing top-performing lens coatings to design this product, giving several benefits over existing products,” said Jim Weiler, senior vice president and general manager.
Ultra Anti-Fog gives superior fog-fighting properties as compared to other products or solutions, according to Ultra Optics. This performance improvement was not only in the overall ability to combat fog, but also in how long the effect lasted. “We have found that most people will have anti-fog properties for a full day, and some as long as three to five days depending on handling,” noted Weiler. “Further, it has been formulated to work on all lens materials, including lenses with anti-reflective coatings.”
Vital Stats: Ultra Anti-Fog comes in a dropper bottle. Very little liquid is required to give the desired effect. Weiler said the Ultra Optics team decided to use a dropper after discovering that using a spray applicator tended to be messy and waste a lot of product. “Our research also showed that the spray process produces bubbles on the lens, which negatively affects the resulting anti-fog performance,” he added.

Ultra Anti-Fog has many applications in addition to eyeglasses, such as swimming goggles, ski goggles and scuba masks. It can also be used on safety glasses or augmented/virtual reality headsets. It has also been successfully used on face shields in industrial safety and fire-fighter masks, Ultra Optics said.
www.ultraoptics.com/anti-fog; (763) 488-6030