Rochester Optical Develops Reusable PPE Full Face Shield


Product: Full Face Shield
Top Line: Rochester Optical has developed a reusable PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) full face shield that is simple to use, attaches to any pair of eyeglasses and is comfortable to wear.
Close Up: Rochester Optical cautions that the full face shield is not a replacement or a substitute for N95 face mask. Instead, it is designed to provide another layer of facial frontal protection for front line medical staff and first responders who have to deal with the public.
“If you don’t have a face mask, using this full face shield is better than nothing,” said Rochester Optical president Patrick Ho. “Another benefit is that when the N95 face mask is protected by the face shield, the life of the N95 face mask could also be extended and be re-used. This would be very helpful because of the current shortage of N95 face masks. The full face shield can also be another barrier/deterrent to people touching their faces, often are done naturally and are subconscious responses.”
Vital Stats: The full face shield can be easily mounted to just about any personal eyeglasses, according to Rochester Optical. Each kit comes with one face shield and one eyeglasses retainer cord for $5.00/set. Rochester Optical can supply the shields in volume.
The eyeglasses cord will keep the full face shield tight on the person’s head. The face shield can be wiped cleaned outside and inside with anti-viral wipes at the end of the day and be worn again the next day.
If the person does not wear glasses, Rochester Optical can supply them with a simple spectacle frame for $10 each.; (585) 254-0022