OptiSource Intros Fog Free+ for AR Lenses

Product: Fog Free+ for AR Lenses
Top Line: OptiSource has launched an anti-fog lens cleaner formula that is highly effective on all lenses and AR coatings.
Close Up: Fog Free+ comes in a one-ounce spray bottle that keeps lenses free from fog for hours to days. The simple spray-on, wipe-off process is preferred over more precise applications of gels, drops, and special cloths. The one-ounce size provides nearly three-times the volume compared to other products.
“With the widespread use of masks, lens fogging has become a nuisance to be addressed,” said Daryl Squicciarini, president of OptiSource. “While our original Fog Free formulation was effective in most cases, it did not address the full range of premium AR coatings. The chemistry in our new Fog Free+ ensures both effective cleaning of lenses as well as the suppression of fogging.”
Vital Stats: The new anti-fog lens cleaner comes in a 24-bottle POP display with a small footprint perfectly designed for any optical store. Besides eyeglasses, the advanced formula is also great for sunglasses, sport glasses, goggles, face shields, and helmets.