Myco Industries Intros Anterior Blepharitis Treatment


Product: AB Max
Top Line: Myco Industries has released AB Max, a new doctor’s treatment for anterior blepharitis. The AB Max is an adapter that allows eyecare professionals to increase the functionality of their Algerbrush by converting it into a multi-purpose device for treatment of the same conditions as a standard Algerbrush as well as an advanced doctor treatment for anterior blepharitis.
Close Up: John Choate, chairman of Myco and one of the inventors of the first doctor’s treatment for blepharitis, designed the AB Max to provide medical professionals with advanced functionality utilizing two onboard computers and propriety tips specifically designed to treat anterior blepharitis. The AB Max offers the same forward and reverse functionality as competitive devices, but also has a patent pending pulse mode specifically engineered to remove even the most tenacious scurf and debris, while massaging the anterior eyelid margins for better patient outcomes.
Vital Stats: Myco Industries, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing ophthalmic/optometric devices since 1993. Algerbrush is a trademark of The Alger Companies. Myco Industries is not affiliated with Alger Companies.; (800) 721-8006