Moscot and Cherry Optical Lab Launch Protective Eyewear for Healthcare Professionals

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Product: Protective eyewear from Moscot and Cherry Optical Lab for healthcare professionals.
Top Line: Moscot and Cherry Optical Lab are teaming up to manufacture durable, handcrafted eyewear frames with clear, scratch-proof lenses to provide to health care workers facing a PPE shortage.
Close Up: Moscot and Cherry Optical Lab will provide these glasses, prescription or non-prescription, to help reduce exposure to airborne particles or fluid-borne pathogens from patients, as well as to help health care professionals who are reliant on contact lenses. Healthcare professionals may choose a shape (rectangular, round and round/square) and a color (navy, antique gold and black) as well as an average or wide fit.
Vital Stats: To receive a pair of eyeglasses, health care professionals can fill out a request form, which Moscot will review and fulfill. Non health care workers may also nominate a health care professional to receive a pair of glasses.