Dynamic Labs Releases UltraVue Gel Lens Cleaner


Quick Take: Dynamic Labs has released its UltraVue Gel lens cleaner, the company’s newest technological breakthrough.
Specifics: UltraVue Gel lens cleaner is a patented formulation gel cleaner for eyewear. "Gel proves to be a more efficient and superior lens cleaner while providing the same product attributes found in our liquid cleaner, Purity lens cleaner. The special formula prevents streaking and static and is 100 percent safe on all lenses and coatings," the company stated.
Selling Points: When the new UltraVue Gel lens cleaner is applied to the lens, the patented formulation allows the gel to adhere to the lens where the user sprays it. When the gel is allowed to adhere to the lens instead of dripping off like most liquid cleaners do, there is no loss of cleaner from an over spray or dripping cleaner from the lens surface. Additionally, less cleaner is needed upon application to the lenses. "As the cleaner is wiped off, you will notice the superior cleaning power of the gel. UltraVue Gel lens cleaner is the next generation of lens cleaners," the company added.