Dynamic Labs Adds VisiChem UltraVue Line


Product: VisiChem UltraVue
Top Line: Optical supply manufacturer Dynamic Labs has acquired VisiChem and is now distributing VisiChem UltraVue products. Dynamic Labs is unveiling its newly expanded product line, which now includes lens cleaners, innovative chemistry for hydrophobic coatings and clear UV lens treatment, this week at International Vision Expo.
Close Up: The VisiChem UltraVue line includes the following products:
• UltraVue Gel Lens cleaner is a new technology in a patented gel formulation. This formulation cleans better than liquids due to its advanced chemistry, according to Dynamic Labs. Because it is a gel it stays on the lens rather than dripping off. (US Patent 8,993,501)
• UltraVue Liquid Lens Cleaner—A high tech liquid cleaner formula designed to clean plastic lenses.
• UltraVue Liquid Lens Cleaner Concentrate—Ready to dilute and pack, using an easy dilution process.
• UltraVue Premium AR Fog Stopper—A simple anti-fog treatment for all lenses in including AR coated lenses.
• UltraVue Liquid Lens Cleaner/Fog Stopper—Provides dual purpose of cleaning and anti-fog treatment.
• UltraVue White UV is a colorless dye product that won’t yellow your lenses while adding protection against UV rays.
• UltraVue Super Hydroseal Coating—A protective, water repellent coating that’s easy to clean. The slippery thin film coating works for all AR lenses.
• UltraVue Hyroseal Gel Coating—A cost effective, water repellent-easy to clean, thin film coating for all AR lenses.
• UltraVue SureSeal Coating—An oil and water repellent thin film coating for all AR lenses.
• UltraVue Lens Cleaner Pre-moistened Towelette: Disposable single use lens cleaner pouch. (coming soon)
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