Ultra Optics Launches AST-2 Scratch Resistant Coating


Product: AST-2 Scratch Resistant Coating
Top Line: Ultra Optics is adding AST-2 Scratch Resistant Coating to its product offerings of machinery, spin coatings and ancillary chemical products.
Close Up: The new coating, which will Ultra Optics will debut at International Vision Expo West, offers class-leading hardness, adhesion, clarity and AR compatibility, according to Ultra Optics. “Our main goal was to develop a scratch resistant spin coating that surpassed anything the industry had to offer in a spin coat solution,” said sales manager Joel Johnson. “What we achieved is spectacular. “The AST-2 coating is the clearest coating available in the market. It offers the hardest Bayer value of any spin coating. “We see 100 percent adhesion to all lens substrates with the AST-2,” Johnson added. “Through testing there was virtually no crazing or delamination of the AR treatments.”
Vital Stats:With a simple system flush and filter changeover a lab’s backside spin coating System will be ready for the AST-2 Scratch Resistant Coating. The AST-2 is available for order as of September 1, 2019.
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