Sios Launches Germicidal Disinfectant Unit

Product: FusionUV
Top Line: Sios (Santinelli International Optical Supplies) is launching a FusionUV, a germicidal disinfectant unit manufactured in the U.S. by Quantum Innovations. Santinelli International and Quantum have developed an exclusive agreement allowing Santinelli rights to distribute FusionUV to the U.S. ECP market.
Close Up: FusionUV is a safe and effective way to disinfect frames, according to Sios. The unit uses germicidal short wavelength UV irradiation to kill viruses in two minutes. Light is emitted from two separate bulbs and is dispersed in an omnidirectional fashion due to the special chamber design. Industrial quality seals contain the UV-C light within the unit. An auto-shutoff switch terminates the cycle if the unit is accidentally opened, for the safety of the operator.
The unit can hold 12 to 15 frames, and any frame or lens material can be safely placed within the UV unit without fear of damage, according to Sios. The unit can also be used for disinfecting items like masks, hand tools, pupilometers, keys and cell phones.
“The more you learn, the more you know, and I know that with this unit, you can be sure your items are completely sanitized,” said Gerard Santinelli, CEO and president of Santinelli International. “Don’t be fooled by the cheap imposters that are out there. This unit is unique in that it uses glass-like rods that allow the UVC light to transfer through to sanitize any item effectively and completely, unlike other units that have metal trays and shelves, which do not allow any touched surface to be sanitized and require multiple cycles to truly sanitize.”
To learn more about the FusionUV, click here.
Vital Stats: Units are available and can be ordered by calling (855) 644.SIOS (7467) or through Sios’ interactive e-commerce catalog.