Product: AWS Modulo One
Top Line: Schneider is introducing AWS Module One, a fully-automated warehousing system for optical labs that is the sixth of 11 new products launched by Schneider within a year. With AWS Modulo One, the one-of-a-kind Modulo system is extended by a fully-automated warehousing system for highly efficient and space saving storage and retrieval. Labs now benefit from full automation all the way from warehousing to surfacing, cleaning, coating and edging, all in one fully integrated system from a single supplier.
Close Up: AWS Modulo One intelligently automates everyday production logistics. It reliably stores and picks semi-finished or finished lenses, frames and more directly into the job tray. Thanks to the small footprint, fast automation, and 24/7 availability, warehousing is effectively streamlined, and efficiency is increased significantly. Manual handling is reduced to a minimum, preventing human error. AWS Modulo One is freely configurable and can be customized specifically to meet a lab’s facility layout, capacity and throughput. Entirely scalable, it is fit to reflect future demands. Built-in redundancy guarantees there is no single point of failure. RFID technology assures unmistakable identification in job handling.
The automated warehouse system is more than a storage unit. It is a highly customizable system that can be configured to meet any requirements. Labs can freely define a layout to match their facility, the kind of items stored, the quantities, even the degree of automation, e.g. semi-automated or automatic loading. They can choose from a number of options available to design their individual solution. Each AWS Modulo One is perfectly adapted and seamlessly integrated with the overall system both mechanically—through the proven conveyor components—and electronically—through the smart monitoring cockpit, the Modulo Control Center.
Vital Stats:
• Freely configurable: the system can be customized and scaled to the lab’s needs based on a number of options.
• Highest efficiency: Smart automation facilitates fast picking, 24/7, at high packing density for smallest footprint.
• Highly reliable system: Running constantly with little to no human intervention. RFID technology prevents errors in picking.
• One holistic system: Fully automated, perfectly adapted an seamlessly integrated with the Modulo system.