Santinelli Debuts ICE-1 Intelligent Blocker

Product: ICE-1 Intelligent Blocker
Top Line: Santinelli International introduces their newest blocking technology, the ICE-1 Intelligent Blocker. The ICE-1 is an easy-to-use intelligent blocker providing consistent accuracy and stability in blocking.
Close Up: Developed with an emphasis on simplicity, operators from beginners to advanced users, will appreciate and experience a remarkably easy-to-use one touch operation. In combination with Santinelli’s broad line of lens edgers, it offers a smooth, highly efficient workflow for making eyewear.
The simple design allows the operator to confirm shape and lens data images simultaneously. A large 8.4-inch color LCD touch screen shows lens shape and layout information in real scale with high visibility contrast. The ICE-1 boasts multifunctionality by incorporating Shape Editor, Partial Groove & Beveling, as well as Design Cut and Facet editing, allowing advanced custom lens shape creations.
“We believe we are better able to help our customers succeed by continually introducing more intuitive technology, which can handle today’s ever evolving eyewear fabrication. We continue to strive to take lens processing to a higher level,” said Gerard Santinelli, president and CEO.
Vital Stats: The ICD-1 incorporates an Integrated Shape Imager (ISI) capable of digitizing demo lenses for ease of maintaining a rimless database. It also comes preloaded with the most popular rimless shape data.; (800) 644-EDGE (3343)