Quantum Innovations Releases Germicidal UVC Device

Product: FusionUV
Top Line: Quantum Innovations, Inc. is releasing the FusionUV, a cutting-edge counter-top UVC disinfection unit. The unit, which can disinfect eyeglasses as well as other items, has been field tested by thousands of eyecare professionals across the United States and around the world, according to Quantum.
Close Up: Unlike some other germicidal UV devices, the American-made FusionUV doesn’t use low-power LEDs to generate the energy required to inactivate COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria. Instead, the FusionUV employs high-energy UVC bulbs to quickly and effectively disinfect objects placed inside the unit. Non-porous materials like eyeglass frames can be effectively treated in as little as two minutes, while porous materials like N95 masks can be disinfected in as little as three minutes.
“We studied every detail and developed the best UVC germicidal light solution available today. This device is faster and more effective than other products and small enough to fit in nearly every environment, professional or otherwise. It’s a consumer-priced UVC solution in a class that previously only included boxes that begin at triple the price,” said Paula Lawson, a long-time Quantum employee and general manager of Boon (Born Out of Necessity), a company that Quantum established to develop and distribute germicidal UV solutions.
Vital Stats: The FusionUV has been tested for efficacy and validated by several leading institutions including The University of Tennessee and the University of Padova. Unique to the FusionUV are the rods inside the box on which objects are placed. Other germicidal UV devices use glass or metal to support objects inside; unfortunately, UVC light cannot pass through those materials, resulting in poor, incomplete disinfection. Conversely, the FusionUV utilizes materials that allow UVC light to pass through, permitting total disinfection, even at the touch points.