Marchon’s Dragon Eyewear Announces Addition of Proprietary Lumalens Technology Into All Sunglasses


Product: Dragon Eyewear’s Lumalens lens technology.
Top Line: Marchon’s Dragon Eyewear has announced the roll-out of their proprietary Lumalens lens technology into the brand’s line of performance sunglasses. Beginning Fall 2019, all new and key carryover sunglass styles with feature the new lens offering.
Close Up: Lumalens, which is already in use throughout Dragon’s snow goggle collection, creates vivid color optimization, razor sharp clarity, and depth perception. By filtering out light attributed to haze and flare while amplifying light that creates clarity, Lumalens technology adds brilliant detail and dimension in all environments and across the full spectrum of light conditions.
Vital Stats: Lumalens technology features a variety of base tints in brown, grey, rose, and G15 green, which are available with mirror coating options. Each base tint has the ability to optimize color and enhance optics in a specific environment, with options for offshore, inshore, field, and trial-based activities.