Product: The Briot Couture
Top Line: Luneau Technology is introducing the Briot Couture, its newest and most advanced finishing platform to date. It combines everything that is in the Briot Attitude with what Luneau describes as “the world’s first virtual 3D lens rendering technology.” The technology simplifies the finishing process for all optician skill levels from master optician to entry level optician, according to Luneau.
“The new Briot Couture System, building off our Briot Attitude System, provides three new and exciting innovations that will take the production of high-quality eyewear to a whole new level,” said John Vulich, optical application specialist, Luneau Technology. “The three new features are True Fit Beveling, Virtual 3D Lens Simulation, and a Torque Management System. They allow the Briot Couture to measure frame thickness, frame depth, as well as frame groove position, to produce the perfect fit every time.”
Close Up: The Briot Couture can increase in-house finishing capability and quality while reducing the rate of remakes. It is suitable for any business owner who wishes to complete more sophisticated finishing in-house and to save on their lab bills. Using various frame and lens parameters along with Virtual 3D Lens Simulation, a user can display how a lens fits into a frame before beginning the edging process. This allows the optician to confirm fit before edging. The True Fit Bevel chooses the best bevel position and bevel depth/width to fit the lens into the chosen frame with the least amount of stress on the frame and lens. The 3D Visualization allows for a 3D view of the lens fitting within the frame to determine the best lens type for the chosen frame as well as to confirm possible stress points for the lens fitting. The Torque Management System optimizes the edging cycle time without the risk of lens slippage. With these intelligent new features, any trained staff member can offer a personalized buying experience to customers by finding the optimum lens for their frame and show them in real-time a 3D rendering of their glasses. This means optical stores can now produce premium quality eyewear with a quick turnaround, Briot said.
Luneau recommends the Briot Couture for mid- to high-end optical shops, especially shops where customers demand the highest quality aesthetics, quality, and fit.
Vital Stats: Luneau Technology reinvented its service platform earlier this year. Based on the number of lens cuts, the company now offers low volume, mid volume and high volume preventative maintenance plans. To learn more or to book a virtual demo or ROI consultation visit