EnChroma Unveils New Kid’s Trial Kit and Color Blind Test for Kids


Product: Kid’s Trial Kit and Color Blind Test for Kids
Top Line: EnChroma is unveiling at Vision Expo West the EnChroma Kid’s Kit and a new kid-friendly color blind test for more easily testing children ages five and up for color blindness. EnChroma eyewear enables people with red-green color blindness to experience an expanded range of clear, vibrant and distinct color.
Close Up: Color vision develops early in infancy, but until a child can name colors or numbers it is challenging for a parent, teacher or eyecare professional (ECP) to learn if a child is color vision deficient (CVD). As a result, many children with color blindness go undiagnosed. To solve this problem, EnChroma unveiled a new feature for its online color blindness test that enables younger children to take the test in “shape mode,” in which identifying simple geometric shapes (square, circle, triangle) replace the standard numeric symbols.
Designed for optometrists and opticians, the new EnChroma Kid’s Kit is a convenient trialing and fitting kit containing the EnChroma lenses most appropriate for red-green color blindness in the four most popular EnChroma frames for children. The Kid’s Kit is only available through our network of 250 EnChroma authorized retailers.
“Learning is heavily color-based, so it is critical to find out early if a child is color blind,” said Mark Mattison-Shupnick, master optician and vice president of business development for EnChroma. “The EnChroma Color Blindness Test for kids, and Kid’s Trial Kit, enable an eyecare professional to quickly identify a child’s type of color vision deficiency. Then, the child can try EnChroma glasses to experience their benefits, which really helps parents quickly grasp the diagnosis, problem and solution.”
Vital Stats: EnChroma Color Blind Simulator will be available for attendees of Vision Expo West to experience color blindness and the impact of EnChroma glasses firsthand at our booth. The unique, high-tech 8-foot simulator replicates the effects of moderate red-green color blindness.
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