Krewe Launches Athleisure Eyewear Category, Krewe Active


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Quick Take: Krewe has launched a new eyewear category, Krewe Active, to create the “athleisure of eyewear to fill the void sport-ready sunglasses often miss.”
Specifics: Krewe Active eyewear is made with solid athletic-focused construction, eco-friendly and ultra-lightweight materials and features the brand's high-performing polarized lenses and special coatings. The line includes eight new gender-neutral styles, with five frames constructed with bio-plastic plant-based materials and three frames made of high-quality titanium.
Selling Points: The Ferris, Emmett, Perdido, Laborde and Ellis are crafted from African organic plant waste resulting in a 50 percent bio-neutral material. Custom-made for this new line, the brow of these frames also  features air-vents. The Audubon, Banks and Driskill styles are made with premium titanium. The new Krewe Active Collection features polarized lenses and extra gripping technology for a more secure, comfortable fit experience.