Morel Adds to Koali Collection


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Quick Take: Morel is adding to its Koali collection with a new concept titled Hevea 2.
Specifics: Hevea 2 includes four new models. They are: a panto shape with cut-out details around the eye and a keyhole bridge, a cat eye shape with cut-out details on the upper part of the front and acetate and stainless steel rims, a rectangular shape with curves, and another rectangular shape with a hood effect on the end pieces. They are offered in color blends of purple/brown, black/white, red/burgundy and black/brown. Certain frames are also available in light blue, nudes, black and patterned acetate.
Selling Point: Morel’s Hevea 2 concept is timeless and elegant, featuring full acetate fronts with slim bronze temples.