Dragon Eyewear Commits to New Plant-Based Resin Eyewear


Quick Take: Dragon Eyewear has debuted a brand new eco-friendly, plant-based resin for their sunglasses and ophthalmic frames.
Specifics: Dragon Eyewear’s new plant-based resin is a bio-based plastic. It is made from castor bean oil, which is resilient and renewable, allowing the brand to reduce their carbon footprint while still creating frames that are lightweight, durable and quality. Dragon will source their castor beans from Pragati Project certified farms, ensuring that they are cultivated through sustainable agricultural practices.
Selling Point: Beginning in Fall 2019, all new and key carryover injected frames from Dragon Eyewear will be produced using this new eco-friendly material. The brand’s Fall 2019 campaign will offer a look into this manufacturing process, and new plant-based resin styles will be available as of Sept. 1, 2019.