Product: Magno Lumina Max Lamp
Top Line: Eschenbach Optik of America introduces the Magno Lumina Max Lamp, which it describes as “an ideal light for those with vision loss from macular degeneration and other eye diseases.” The lamp allows users to select the optimal light color temperature and brightness level settings they need to maximize their viewing environment.
Close Up: The lamp is available in a desktop and floor version each of which provides superior illumination with energy-efficient LEDs and five brightness settings. The lamp also provides light in five different color temperatures, from the warm and slightly golden 3000K to a cool 6500K, similar to the natural daylight. The brightness and color temperature can be selected by using the touch pad buttons on the lamp control panel or from the wireless remote control which also features an extra-dim “night light” setting, an auto-off timer function, and quick reference brightness and color settings.
Vital Stats: The lamp’s gooseneck-style arm is 25” long and rotates 270° allowing the user to easily position the light exactly where needed. There is a cover over the LEDs which blocks 65 percent of distracting blue light, thereby reducing the symptoms of Digital Eye Strain (such as dry eyes, headaches, etc.). The sturdy metal base on the floor lamp has an anti-slip pad on the bottom to keep it from sliding and the desk version features a table clamp option that fits onto the side of a table or desk. Learn more about the Magno Lumina Max Lamp and see both versions online here:;;; (800) 487-5389