Top Line: Regener-Eyes, a biologic eye drop made of naturally occurring cytokines and growth factors, announce its new website domain name:
Close Up: The new website continues to work the same as the prior site and features a rebranded, streamlined design that is easily navigated by eyecare professionals and patients. The new website domain includes an area for physicians that contains descriptive information on both Regener-Eyes products; Regener-Eyes Professional Strength and Regener-Eyes Lite. There is also an online registration from that eyecare professionals can complete and submit to begin scripting product for their patients.
"We are excited to announce our new domain name and its identifiable connection to the company. Regener-Eyes is focused and committed to ensure the patients and eye care professionals we serve are made aware of the new site domain while we continue to provide stellar customer service to all," commented C. Randall Harrell, MD, CEO and founder of Regener-Eyes.
Vital Stats: Regener-Eyes is a sterile biologic eye drop made of anti-inflammatory cytokines and growth factors. It is sterile SAL10-6 and acellular, meaning all cells are taken out of the product, leaving pure proteins.