FundamentalVR Launches Full Commercial Ophthalmology Capability

Product: FundamentalVR with Ophthalmology Capability
Top Line: FundamentalVR, global pioneers in immersive VR surgical skills training and skills data analytics, announced the expansion of its surgical specialty capabilities with the addition of ophthalmology.
Traditional ophthalmology teaching methods and the way life science brands, medical institutions, and students interact, typically include; classroom lectures, instructional videos, medical meetings, operating room observations, and tissue-based wet lab training, which is considered the gold standard for medical training. Low-cost immersive simulations now offer solutions to continue remote, socially distant learning, while accelerating skills transfers, thanks to the ability to collect and objectively measure performance data previously unattainable.
Close Up: Powered by the company’s patented HapticVR technology architecture that mimics the physical cues of surgical actions, medical tools, and tissue variations, FundamentalVR can now create immersive, data-driven medical educational simulations for ophthalmology as well as orthopedic device and pharmaceutical brands.
Vital Stats: An established player in surgical education, FundamentalVR simulations are delivered through its Fundamental Surgery platform that allows users to experience the same sights, sounds, and feelings they would in a real OR. Combining HapticVR technology with high fidelity graphics, proven accredited educational strategies, and analytics of previously unmeasurable data points, Fundamental Surgery allows users to acquire both the technical knowledge and the muscle memory essential in developing surgical skills.
Every user interaction from the surgical gaze, respect for tissue, and movement efficiency is measured and recorded to provide a level of analysis and measurement. In addition to increasing knowledge transfer, this detailed, unique data insight enables life science businesses to drive consistency and compliance for their medical devices and procedures.
The expert knowledge has been used to create tailored solutions for Life Sciences companies and a cataract surgical simulator for the global eyecare NGO Orbis International. Orbis is deploying FundamentalVR’s educational simulation for cataract surgery in select residency training programs and prospective digital training hubs to evaluate the impact on residents’ surgical skills and obtain user feedback to inform further software developments.