Product: Stereo Optical Stereotests
Top Line: Essilor Instruments is launching of three stereotests including LEA Symbols, the Original Stereo Fly, Butterfly, and Randot, by its Stereo Optical division.
Close Up: Stereo depth perception tests are an effective and easy-to-use method of screening stereoscopic vision for all ages. The three new stereotests including LEA Symbols are designed to screen the vision of young children and supplement the existing extensive Stereo Optical product line.
“Stereo tests help to detect visual problems such as stereopsis, amblyopia, suppression and strabismus. We are thrilled that Dr. Lea trusts the reputation of Stereo Optical and the quality of our products to grant us the license for production of these new stereo tests for young children,” said Samy Lauriette, senior vice president, Essilor Instruments Americas.
Vital Stats: Lea Hyvarinen, MD, created the LEA Symbols in 1976. Dr. Hyvarinen designed the circle, square, apple, and house so that each symbol measured visual acuity similarly. Numerous professional associations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Ophthalmology, have recommended LEA Symbols as vision screening tests for young children in a policy statement.; (800) 344-9500