Essilor Instruments USA Launches Next-Generation Retinal Imaging System


Product: Retina800 non-mydriatic fundus camera
Top Line: Essilor Instruments is launching the Retina800 non-mydriatic fundus camera. The fully-automatic retinal image capture of Retina800 allows for easy screening and detection of retinal pathologies.
Close Up: Retina800 is fast to operate, has a space-saving design, and provides excellent image quality at your fingertips. Delegation is made easy with the intuitive and easy-to-use tablet-driven interface.
“We are excited to introduce the state-of-the-art RETINA800 retinal imaging system as a new addition to the Essilor Instruments diagnostics and screening line. The automatic imaging and plug-and-play benefit of RETINA800 can facilitate delegation and mass screening for retinal disorders,” said Samy Lauriette, senior vice president, Essilor Instruments Americas.