Product: ABB Optical Group, a leading independent eyecare distributor, will be the exclusive distributor of Performance Vision Technologies Inc.’s (PVTI) performance-tinted single-use soft contact lenses under the brand name Altius (which means “higher” in Latin).
Top Line: With its patent-pending technology, PVTI designed the Altius performance-tinted contact lenses to eliminate visual distractions while elevating visual details to optimize performance. Altius incorporates Light Architecture and 360 Degree Total Immersion Technology into a single-use soft contact lens modality to decrease visual distractions. This design allows athletes and recreationists to perform with maximum visual comfort, clarity and quickness under wide-ranging environmental conditions.
Close Up: The lenses are designed for patients who may or may not need vision correction and are available in two outdoor use tints, Altius Amber and Altius Grey-Green. Altius Amber is engineered for dynamic, reactive sports in a wide range of outdoor light conditions. Altius Grey-Green is engineered for open-air activities on water and land in varying outdoor light conditions.
ABB and PVTI said they are pleased with their new partnership and opportunity to provide patients with top-quality eyecare.
Vital Stats: This lens is the result of decades of research to develop “game-changing” optical solutions to address a wide range of lighting conditions in sports, recreation, education or work, according to Alan W. Reichow, OD, MEd, FAAO, who is a founder, president and chief executive officer of PVTI. “We are delighted to have ABB Optical group as our exclusive distributor,” he added.
Aaron See, senior vice president of manufacturer partnerships for ABB Optical Group, also noted that “ABB is thrilled to be able to provide our customers this unique opportunity to differentiate their practice and serve their patients. Altius lenses are now available through a select group of eyecare practitioners in the United States. We plan to work together to make the lenses available to a larger network of eye doctors in the spring of 2022.” To learn more information, go to, or visit