VSP Optics Kicks Off Series of ‘Live’ UUniversity Educational Events with Sacramento and San Francisco Sessions


The UUniversity education team at the recent session in Sacramento.

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif.—VSP Optics, a division of VSP Global, held its first-ever live UUniversity technical education event late last month in Sacramento, Calif., according to an announcement. More than 50 optometrists and opticians from all across Northern California attended the day-long event. The attendees were able to earn up to six ABO credits by participating in courses such as “The Science of Light-Reactive Lenses” and “Troubleshooting Lens Enhancements,” among others. Following upon this initial success, VSP Optics said it will take UUniversity Live to multiple cities across the country in its effort to create a unique opportunity for eyecare professionals who want to learn more about optics and/or how to simplify the dispensing process. The next UUniversity Live event is scheduled for Aug. 22 in San Francisco. For more information about this event, visit the registration site here

VSP has scheduled an additional four “live” UUniversity events after the Aug. 22 session in San Francisco in December, a spokeswoman told VMAIL. The company has not released the dates and locations of the other upcoming sessions.

VSP’s speaker Alan Burt address attendees.

Carole Bratteig of VSP makes a point at one of the sessions.
Initially, UUniversity was set up as an online optical educational portal where eyecare professionals could learn more about optics and how to simplify the dispensing process, according to the website. It now offers an option for either a refresher course with UUniversity (non-CE), or to elevate one’s optical knowledge with UUniversity, there is CE-accredited coursework.