Versant Health Releases New White Paper About Telemedicine in Eyecare


BALTIMORE—Although telemedicine has been available throughout health care for years, the COVID-19 environment has made its adoption rapid and widespread. While many medical specialties have heavily relied upon telehealth as a means to observe, interact with and evaluate patients, “ocular telemedicine requires a slightly different approach when it comes to managing eye health,” according to a new white paper  issued by Versant Health. Versant Health said it has released this white paper to show how ocular telemedicine can be an enhancement for in-person eyecare and to explain how virtual eyecare is evolving to meet patient needs.

The paper explores scenarios in which ocular telemedicine can appropriately aid ongoing eyecare and augment in-person visits, and it also “makes clear that ocular telemedicine is not a replacement for in-office visits with eyecare professionals,” a recent announcement noted. “Instead, [ocular telemedicine] enhances in-office visits by strengthening the ongoing relationship between patients and providers,” Versant Health noted.

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"Ocular telemedicine has the capability to transform access to care by individualizing the types of services patients can access both virtually and in-person," Versant Health chief medical officer Dr. Mark Ruchman said. Ruchman, who contributed to the white paper, added, “While many interventions, including eye exams, remote retinal imaging and monitoring of degenerative eye issues can be addressed virtually, the future of eyecare is integrated, with both in-person and virtual visits essential to maintaining eye health."

To support continuity of care, patient safety and satisfaction, and the doctor-patient relationship, Versant Health noted that it has developed an approach to telemedicine reimbursement for eyecare and has made ongoing modifications to telemedicine policies based on state and federal emergency mandates.

To learn more, download the Ocular telemedicine as an enhancement for in-person eyecare white paper from the Versant Health website.

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