Truform Optics Expands Orthokeratology Portfolio With DreamLens Acquisition

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BEDFORD, Texas—TruForm Optics, a leader in specialty gas permeable contact lens design and manufacturing, has acquired the DreamLens brand from its founder, Tom Reim, OD. Details of the transaction were not announced. The lens, which features an approved Bausch + Lomb Vision Shaping Treatment (VST) design, is used for managing myopia through overnight orthokeratology. TruForm Optics is an authorized distributor of DreamLens, along with several other contact lens companies. With this acquisition, licensed eyecare professionals, worldwide, have the opportunity to expand the options of managing myopia using DreamLens, manufactured in Boston Equalens II material, once successful online certification is achieved, TruForm Optics said in a statement.

“As a growing number of eyecare professionals are becoming more educated on the options available to manage myopia, and collectively reduce the rate of the myopia pandemic, we are pleased to add DreamLens to our innovative orthokeratology portfolio. The acquisition of DreamLens further demonstrates TruForm Optics commitment of providing eyecare professionals, and consumers, with the best technology, product category portfolios, and experience available,” said Jan Svochak, president, TruForm Optics.