Transitions Optical Launches Snapchat ‘Try-on Experience’ in Combination With Consumer Campaign


PINELLAS PARK, Fla.—Transitions Optical has partnered with Snapchat to create an interactive augmented reality try-on experience, according to an announcement earlier this week. The Snapchat partnership occurs in conjunction with the launch of Transitions’ new “Light Under Control” consumer marketing campaign. The Snapchat “lens” enables users to experience the adaptability of Transitions lenses on a platform relevant to them and their lifestyle, the announcement noted. In the Snapchat try-on experience users can see themselves in different eyeglass frame styles, in indoor or outdoor environments, and also watch the lenses darken as the scenes move from daytime to outdoor settings.

There’s also a how-to kit, which eyecare professionals can order, that provides instructions on helping patients use the augmented reality lens experience, according to the announcement. The kit instructs ECPs on how to leverage the Transitions Snapchat lens experience in their practices, and it’s available at

It includes a sell sheet, table tents, window/mirror clings and Transitions’ branded phone accessories. Users can find the Transitions lens experience in the Snapchat app or by scanning a custom Transitions’ Snapcode.

“The new Light Under Control campaign is all about encouraging patients to embrace their personal sense of style with Transitions lenses and incorporate this technology into their lifestyle,” North America marketing director Patience Cook said in the announcement. “The Snapchat lens will help people see that everyday eyecare can be hassle-free, smart, and stylish.”

The Snapchat try-on experience is part of the consumer launch of the “Transitions Light Under Control” marketing campaign, which is designed to bolster the company’s efforts to attract new wearers and recruit a younger generation of eyeglass wearers to the photochromic lens category, Transitions said. It is inspired by research that shows 87 percent of eyeglass wearers report being sensitive to light. The campaign leverages disruptive imagery and revitalized language to pique consumer interest and inspire and create a desire for the category among eyeglass wearers, according to the announcement.

Two new TV spots, “Noah & Avery” and “Yoon,” showcase the brand as modern and relevant by featuring younger, style-savvy consumers, Transitions said. The ads be previewed at the campaign’s website,

Chrystel Barranger, president of Essilor Photochromics and Transitions Optical, said the company knows that style and customization are important to young eyeglass wearers. “Glasses are part of their personal identity,” she added. “The Light Under Control campaign encourages consumers to personalize their glasses, including the lenses, to reflect their lifestyle. Eyecare is the ultimate combo of self-care and self-expression.”

The Transitions lens experience will be available through the custom Snapcode until mid-October, the company said.