LAS VEGAS—Vision technology in its many forms played a starring role at CES 2020, the mega trade show and meeting that took place here earlier this month. This diverse universe included everything from futuristic AR and VR systems to AI-powered assistive devices for those with vision impairments to the latest ophthalmic lenses and more. Amid the staggering array of consumer electronic products on display at CES, VM’s vision tech maven Andrew Karp spotted impressive new products such as Norm smart glasses from Human Capable, an electronic eyeglass called Lexilens that enables children with dyslexia to read, Zeiss’ new SmartLife lenses, a 3D face scanning system from Bellus and EyeQue’s new Try-On Glasses.

Click on the video below to see his exclusive video interviews with these select exhibitors, which follows a whirlwind video tour of other highlights from CES 2020. If you want to see more innovative vision tech from CES 2020, watch this slideshow.