PARIS—Copenhagen Specs and Silmo, two groups who have partnered on optical shows and events in the past, are debuting a new addition to their family of events, called SPECS AND THE CITY. SPECS AND THE CITY, organizers said, takes a fresh look at trade meetings and transforms them into a “unique experience in each of the host cities, which will be showing off all of their charms and treasures in order to welcome the optics-eyewear community,” organizers said.

Over the past few years,  Silmo  and its partners have developed a range of event formats to complement the long-standing Paris trade fair, in response to the desire for new experiences, and the need to foster close ties and flexibility at optics industry trade fairs. "Travel restrictions and the long period without trade fairs brought about by the global pandemic inspired us to create a new event format whose main aim is to maintain the truly special links that connect the optics industry community," an announcement said.

Over the course of a weekend, the participating brands and businesses will host clients and potential clients in showrooms that they have set up in one of the event’s partner hotels located in a defined area to facilitate travel on foot or on bike. Visitors will be able to easily organize their weekends using a special app, switching between meetings with exhibitors, cultural outings, and gourmet eating experiences.

SPECS AND THE CITY Season 1 is starting soon. Here are the upcoming dates:

  • Copenhagen, Denmark – August 20-22 
  • Valencia, Spain – October 1-3
  • Antwerp, Belgium – October 8-10
  • Cologne, Germany – October 16-18
  • Tallin, Estonia –  October 22-24
Additonal details are posted about the SPECS AND THE CITY events here.