Satisloh NA to Debut On-site Studio for Safe Customer Meetings

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GERMANTOWN, Wis.—Wanting to stay close to their customers, but worried about “Zoom fatigue” Satisloh North America added “Satisloh Studio,” a 3,100 square feet state-of-the art production studio to their Germantown headquarters. It has all of the company’s most recent machines and is fully-equipped for live streaming and recording the company’s equipment lines, including their Metro Lab, a complete industrial lens production line, a coating center, and after-market products showcase. “As shows were canceled and travel restrictions imposed because of COVID-19, our business model was turned on its head," said Rich Hughes, president, Satisloh North America.

"We had to completely rethink how to maintain our customer relationships. We needed a solution that would keep both customers and our team safe, but maintain our rapport and responsiveness—and Satisloh Studio was born.”

The Studio’s premiere live sessions will be broadcast October 19, one covering their Metro Lab and the other spotlighting their industrial machines. Two of the company’s lead salespeople will host and Satisloh technicians will demonstrate the technology.

“The Studio has four showrooms, and of course is staffed with our knowledgeable team, so customers can see any product we offer, live,” said Hughes. “And after our kick-off sessions on October 19, customers can explore our technology one-on-one with their rep and a technician. The Studio is now an integral tool we’ll use to stay close with our customers.”

For details and information about how to register for the broadcasts, see today’s LaunchPad section, below.