Ørgreen and Claire Goldsmith and Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses Form Business Partnership


LONDON—British eyewear brands, Claire Goldsmith and Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses, and Danish eyewear brand Ørgreen Optics have entered into a new partnership arrangement. Each company will retain its own brand name and identity, boosted by a strategic behind-the-scenes alliance. Ørgreen Optics, founded 17 years ago, will share industry insights, resources and distribution channels; while Claire Goldsmith and Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses, founded 88 years ago, will applying the Goldsmith legacy to help create fresh, new innovative designs.

"Claire has an amazing design ethos and an incredible family heritage behind her," said Henrik Ørgreen. "We are big fans of the Goldsmith legacy. Oliver Goldsmith was an immensely important, pivotal player in defining eyewear as fashion. Having built up our own Ørgreen brand from zero to a highly regarded global brand, we have an intrinsic understanding of how to support a similar business. We already share the same values. By sharing our diverse experience in product development, production know-how and distribution channels with Claire, we can really help to enhance the profile of Claire Goldsmith & Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses within the luxury sector, making them top of mind for people around the world who have yet to discover this brilliant British brand."

"Henrik and I have been friends for many years," added Goldsmith. "He's always been incredibly inspiring. Ørgreen is a forward-thinking brand much like ours, with a similar outlook and set of values. We both represent real brands with our own names attached to them. This is by no means a marriage of convenience, but an organic evolution of our friendship."