Nine Out of 10 Say Vision Problems Hurt Their Job Performance, Transitions Optical Survey Finds


PINELLAS PARK, Fla.—Nine out of 10 employees say that the quality of their work has suffered due to problems with their vision, and half admit that this is a regular occurrence, according to results from the 2015 annual Employee Perceptions of Vision Benefits survey, supported by Transitions Optical. The survey, which explored top visual complaints in the workplace, revealed that both indoor and outdoor light are largely to blame, with six out of 10 employees saying they are bothered by light at work.

These findings build on results from Transitions Optical’s 2014 survey, which found that visual disturbances at work—ranging from tired or dry eyes, to light and vision-related headaches—affect nearly all employees, leading them to take multiple breaks throughout the day to rest their eyes.

The survey also explored the demographics of those affected the most by visual disturbances while on the job. Overall, parents, those between the ages of 18 to 44, and those who work outdoors or a combination of indoors and outdoors, were more likely to say that the quality of their work frequently suffers as a result of vision problems. These groups were also significantly more likely to say that light, specifically impacts the quality of their work—with Hispanic Americans significantly more likely than non-Hispanic whites to say this.

Only 13 percent of employees say they have addressed these issues with their employers, and just half say they discussed workplace vision problems during their last eye exam, according to the survey results. Less than one-third said that they specifically talked about light-related vision problems with their eyecare professional.

“This is unfortunate, considering vision problems caused by light and glare are among the easiest to address—since eyewear options, like Transitions lenses and anti-reflective coatings, can help to enhance visual comfort and reduce glare,” said Jonathan Ormsby, strategic account manager, Transitions Optical. “Our research demonstrates a tremendous opportunity for both employers and eyecare professionals to proactively address vision issues with employees, and encourage them to ask for eyewear options to help them see better both on the job and in their everyday lives.”

To help educate about the importance of eye exams and quality vision wear, available through a vision benefit, for the workforce, Transitions Optical offers a variety of employee- and employer-focused materials. These can be accessed free of charge through the Transitions Healthy Sight Working for You public education program.