New Study on Myopia Examines Attitudes of Canadian ECPs


NEW YORK—A new study about Canadian ECPs’ views on myopia examined their understanding of myopia and the various myopia management treatments available to reduce the progression of the eye condition among children. Conducted by Jobson Research and VuePoint IDS Inc., the study is titled “Myopia Control: Usage and Attitudes of Canadian ECPs.” The good news is that ECPs are getting the message about myopia progression in children. Nearly 60 percent of the ECPs surveyed indicate they intend to increase their level of engagement in managing myopia in children in the next 12 months.

However, there are still over one-third of ECPs surveyed, (particularly among ODs) that do not fully believe that myopia progression is a serious eye health problem.

Topics highlighted by the survey include:

• Current interest level and concern about juvenile myopia.
• Prevalence of ECPs engaged in myopia management therapies.
• Extent of use of myopia management treatment options, including orthokeratology, soft contact lenses, spectacle lenses and pharmacological treatments.
• Perceptions of efficacy of treatment modalities.
• Reasons for ECPs not engaged in myopia management.
• Future intentions toward myopia management in practice.

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