New Report Examines Consumers’ Eyewear Purchasing Decisions


NEW YORK – More than two thirds of consumers, 66 percent, say they purchased eyeglasses at the same location or retailer where they first had their eyes examined and seven out of 10 consumers (72 percent) said they selected their eyeglasses in less than an hour, according to a new report from Jobson Optical Research, which examines consumers’ eyewear purchasing decisions.

The 2013 Eyewear & Eyecare Consumer Patterns Insight Survey tracks such questions back to 2008 in most cases. The report assesses the factors which influence consumer eyewear purchases and measures the importance of various factors in those decisions, including the assistance of the optical dispenser, the role of family and friends in the decision, as well as the impact of vision insurance in the eyewear purchase.

Sixty-nine percent of consumers said they used insurance for both their eye exam and eyewear purchase. Optical dispensers receive favorable ratings of excellent or good on sales assistance overall from the majority (83 percent) of consumers. Over half, 55 percent of consumers, say the dispenser is very or somewhat important in helping them reach their final decision.

The report also asks: Do customers feel they have the right amount of information when purchasing eyeglasses? How many people used promotions and coupons, and for those that did, what type of promotion did they use?

The report compares six years of data, where available, and was based on a survey of consumers derived from the U.S. population as part of the syndicated VisionWatch study. Only respondents who wear prescription eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses were asked to participate in this custom study; data collection took place in March 2013.

The report is part of the Insight Survey Series available at Jobson Research. More info is also available from Jennifer Zupnick of Jobson Research at