National Vision Launches its First-Ever Philanthropic Impact Report


DULUTH, Ga.—National Vision Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: EYE) has launched its first-ever philanthropic impact report, A World Worth Seeing, which details how the company—including through the generosity of its associates and network of doctors—is transforming the lives of people in the U.S. and around the world. “This is our first-ever attempt to codify a comprehensive overview of National Vision’s philanthropic programs and impact,” said Reade Fahs, chief executive officer at National Vision. “We have always thought of ourselves as a fast growing social business providing low cost health care to uninsured Americans and those living on very tight budgets.

“And, we’ve tried to use the success that comes from our mission, along with our unique skills as optical people, to find ways to bring eyeglasses to those who couldn’t afford them otherwise in America and abroad,” Fahs said.

The report focuses on three core areas:

• Helping kids in need in the U.S.: Providing free vision screenings, eye exams and glasses to kids in need in the U.S. through various community activities led by the company’s America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses teams.

• Global giving: Providing glasses to those in need around the world via Eyeglass World’s “Made Locally, Given Globally” program.

• Partnering to make an impact: Partnering with the optical ecosystem of organizations and nonprofits to find sustainable solutions to help eradicate the global vision crisis.

The comprehensive report represents decades of partnership, commitment and dedication by the Company, its associates and network of doctors. Although it focuses primarily on the company’s impact through 2019, the report also highlights the company’s strategic response to COVID-19 and its approach to providing help during the pandemic.

“The challenges and stresses of the past several months most certainly reminds us all of what is really important in life and reinforces that the source of true fulfillment often resides in helping those less fortunate,” Fahs said. “As a good corporate citizen, National Vision is committed to making a positive difference, locally and globally.”