NEW YORK—Mojo Lens, a smart contact lens being developed by Mojo Vision, a Saratoga, California-based startup, was voted the winner of the prestigious Last Gadget Standing competition on Tuesday at CES 2021, the virtual consumer electronics show. The lens uses proprietary augmented reality technology to project images, video and text onto the wearer’s field of vision.“I hope that five, 10 years from now you’re all wearing Mojo Vision Lens and all having super powers, and standing out and succeeding in the world,” Mojo Vision CEO Drew Perkins told the virtual audience while accepting the award.

The audience voted online during the Tuesday night award presentation, rather than by the traditional audience applause method.

Last month, Mojo Vision and Menicon, Japan’s largest contact lens company, announced that they had entered a joint development agreement to create smart contact lenses. To learn more about Mojo Lens, read VMAIL’s interview with Dr. Michael Wiemer, Mojo Vision’s co-founder, vice president, engineering and chief technical officer.

Another vision technology, OrCam Read by Orcam, was named a Last Gadget Standing finalist. The handheld device uses an artificial intelligence-enabled smart camera that seamlessly reads text from any printed surface or digital screen. It is designed for people with mild low vision, reading fatigue, reading difficulties including dyslexia, and for anyone who consumes large amounts of text.

The three other tech products were named as finalists: Lenovo’s Thinkpad X1 Fold, a foldable touchpad that also functions as a laptop; TG0’s Etee, a buttonless, customizable joystick for virtual reality gaming and ArcX’s Sports Ring, a wearable fitness joystick.

Now in its 21st year, Last Gadget Standing was co-hosted by digital health expert Robin Raskin of Solving for Tech and Emmy award-winning tech journalist Jennifer Jolly. Raskin was a featured speaker at the 2020 VM Global Leadership Summit.