NEW YORK—Eco, from Modo, has been awarded the Best Eyewear Brand award in Seventeen Magazine's  2021 Sustainable Style Award. In an announcement Eco said, "It’s always great to be recognized. But it means even more when it helps our planet. We're proud and honored to be awarded by Seventeen in their #sustainablestyleawards for our wildly trendy and sustainable sunglasses and hope that everyone joins our commitment to living responsibly for a greener future (and looking great while doing so). Together, we can make a big difference—one frame at a time."

In the article accompanying the award announcement Kelsey Stiegman, Seventeen's senior style editor, wrote, "[Eco] recycles plastic fishing nets, ropes, and trawls found in the ocean, turning them into wildly trendy sunglasses. Their frames are made of 95 percent recycled metal, biobased castor seed oil, and recycled ocean plastics, while the packaging they come in is made of recycled plastic, recycled paper, and biodegradable fabrics. Oh, and for every pair of glasses purchased, they plant one tree. If you think about it logically, you're basically paying to plant a tree and remove ocean waste, then getting cute glasses for free."