l.a.Eyeworks Celebrates 40th Anniversary with International Window Campaign


LOS ANGELES, Calif.—l.a.Eyeworks is celebrating their 40th anniversary year with an international window campaign. The campaign kicks off on September 9, and will appear on the facades of more than 80 optical retailers in seven countries. The custom graphic design is printed on transparent vinyl and depicts two signboards which say “Raise Your Glasses!” and “Uncensored Visions Since 1979.” The signs float above the l.a.Eyeworks logo, which has been modified to add a decorative “40.” L.A. based artists Nina Palomba designed the placard artwork, and graphic designer Mike Fink created the logo.

l.a.Eyeworks’ namesake stores have never featured actual displays of glasses in their windows—instead, l.a.Eyeworks has long featured window messaging as part of their brand. Their first ever windows read: “Changing the Face. Facing the Change.” Brent Zerger, director of communications at l.a.Eyeworks said, “We call it ‘the original Twitter feed.’ We have always regarded our window slogans as an opportunity to share who we are versus what we offer for sale.”

“We’re thrilled to launch our 40th anniversary by saluting the global network of optical retailers who support our vision,” said Margo Willits, international sales manager. “These are amazing people who fearlessly bring the dreams of l.a.Eyeworks into being.”
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Gai Gherardi, l.a.Eyeworks co-founder and designer said, “There are a lot of people in L.A. who may not visit our shops but who love our enigmatic puns and proclamations. The glasses Barbara McReynolds and I design speak in a certain way, and the rest we declare to the world in our windows. It’s all one dialogue.”

l.a.Eyeworks will share participating locations on social media. Participating locations, sorted by country, include:


Benoit Dieu Opticien—Namur  

Claeyssens Optic—Gent

Optiek van Overloop—Sint-Niklaas

Optique Scalliet—Louvain-la-Nueve

Tavans Optical—Hasselt


Goodwin Vision Care—Ottawa

Boardwalk Optical Boutique—Cambridge

Glazier Opticians—Oakville

The Vision Care Team—Toronto

Eye to Eye Optometry Clinic—Edmonton

Viva Optical—Regina

Wink I Wear Optometry—Kelowna

Oakley Optical—Winnipeg

Airdrie Eyecare Center—Airdrie




Amy Aubanel—Aix-en-Provence

Dadier Optique—Compiegne


l'Optique des Createurs—Lyon

Dix Dixieme—Valence

Dôme Optic—Strasbourg

Hedou Opticiens—Besancon

Le Petit Salon des Créateurs—Grenoble

Chabay Opticiens—St. Etienne de Montluc

Jarraud Opticiens—Limoges

MJ Optique—Toulouse

Un Autre Regard—Bordeaux

Caroline Joo—Paris

Les Lunettes de Francois—Perigueux


4D Optiek—Arnhem

Eye-D—Den Haag

Tot Ziens Optiek—Zaandam


De Oogkamer—Alkmaar


Robert Callander Optician—Linlithgow

Clarke & Roskrow—Market Harborough

Clelland & Boyd—Broughty Ferry, Dundee

Schuller Opticians—London

Schuller Opticians—London

Wendy Diddams Optometrists—Knutsford

Timlin Optometrists—Hartlepool

Owen Aves—Cochester

UNITED STATES (alphabetical by state)

Sassy Glasses Optical Boutique—Phoenix, AZ

l.a.Eyeworks—Los Angeles, CA

l.a.Eyeworks—Los Angeles, CA

Eye Gotcha—San Francisco, CA

Focal Point Berkeley, CA

Eye Carumba—San Francisco, CA

Uber Optics—Petaluma, CA

Urban Optics—San Luis Obispo, CA

Moderne Eye Optometry—Oakland, CA

City Optix—San Francisco, CA

Spex Santa Cruz—Santa Cruz, CA

Veo Optics—San Francisco, CA

Optometric Options—Los Angeles, CA

Eyes On Fifth—San Diego, CA

Queen City Optical Provisions—Denver, CO

The Eyeglass Lass—New London, CT

Voorthuis Opticians Mazza—Washington, D.C.

I Designs Eyeglasses—Miami, FL

Visionary Eye Care—Chicago, IL

Vision Care Ophthalmology—Fort Wayne, IN

Voorthuis Opticians Montgomery—Bethesda, MD

Globe Design & Vision—Holland, MI

Eyedeals—Minneapolis, MN

iWare Northeast—Minneapolis, MN

Fifth Avenue Eye Clinic & Optical—Edina, MN

Eyelook Optical—Portsmouth, NH

Union Square Optical—New York, NY

Spectacles—Portland, OR

Alberta Eye Care—Portland, OR

American Eyewear—Dallas, TX

Peeper's—Dallas, TX

Santa Fe Optical Arbor—Austin, TX

Eye Elegance Post Oak—Houston, TX

Image Eyes Optical—Salt Lake City, UT

Image Eyes Optical—Salt Lake City, UT

City Eyeworks—Seattle, WA

The Everett Clinic—Marysville, WA

Roosevelt Vision—Seattle, WA

Queen Anne Eye Clinic—Seattle, WA

Spex—Seattle, WA

Spex—Bellevue, WA