Kering Eyewear and Chloé Announce New Exclusive Partnership to Begin in 2021

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NEW YORK—Kering Eyewear and Chloé have announced a new partnership for the design, development, production and worldwide distribution of Chloé Eyewear. The first release under this exclusive partnership will be the new Chloé Spring Summer 2021 collection, which will feature women's sunglasses and optical styles, as well as a "mini me" selection for kids. This new collection will be presented in September 2020 during the Silmo Salon Mondial de l’Optique, and distribution will begin in January 2021.

In a statement, Kering said, "This agreement with Kering Eyewear will build upon the previous 9-year partnership between Chloé and Marchon Eyewear, which resulted in a series of iconic styles such as Carlina, Poppy and Rosie."

Roberto Vedovotto, Kering Eyewear’s president and CEO said, “We are extremely proud of our new partnership with Chloé. Our mission is to support and expand the Maison’s standing in the eyewear segment, pushing it to reach its full potential and establish itself as a leading brand in the women’s luxury fashion segment. Our special thanks goes to Marchon Eyewear, which has excelled in defining Chloé’s most distinctive styles, leaving us an extraordinary creative asset to capitalize on. Moreover, this new partnership reinforces Kering Eyewear’s alliance with the Richemont Group, which further demonstrates the trust in our strategy and our vision.”

Chloé’s CEO Riccardo Bellini said, "After 9 years of collaboration, we would like to warmly thank Marchon for the many milestones and achievements which have elevated the Chloé Eyewear business. Chloé is looking forward to embarking on a new journey alongside Kering Eyewear with the mission to reinforce our strong position and establish Chloé as an undeniable leader in the luxury eyewear industry.

"As Kering Eyewear shares our same ambitious vision for the brand, we are confident they will be an outstanding strategic partner, enabling us to bring Chloé Eyewear’s business to the next level. We are looking forward to the outstanding work that our teams at Chloé and Kering Eyewear will realize together, hand in hand,” Bellini said.